Native Affairs – Political Debate, Viewer Questions

We wanted to know what was on your mind so we invited our viewers to send through their questions via Facebook.

Our first question tonight comes from Amo Kura and asks - "I would like to know the reasons why National and Labour MPs did not support an inquiry into operation 8?"

Our second question is from Kahu Tuwhare who wants to know - “Is NZ being bullied into the spy bill by the states, why the rush to get it passed?”

Our next question comes from Toni Maui, she asks - “With the current welfare reforms aiming to get parents into work, and considering the narrow job market, will any party be reintroducing the Training Incentive Allowance ( in its full form) that National axed?”

The following question comes from Sue Storie who would like to know - “Why do people supporting children have to pay secondary tax at $14.000 pa, how am I meant to support kids on that?”

Our last question comes from Puna Melbourne Hauwai. Puna asks. - “Why are Maori and Mana party not able to put on a united front? This would be a huge moral boost for all Maori across the rohe. Hone, Te Ururoa, put the differences aside and work together for a common goal”.