New Māori alphabet app launched to help all ages

By Tepara Koti
Arapū by Kapohia Ltd - Photo /

A new digital app which focuses on the Māori alphabet has been launched today.

Kapohia Ltd has released their app, "Arapū", as Māori Language Week approaches and with school holidays just around the corner.

Originally produced for Māori-medium schools, Maraea Hunia says the app is free for everyone to download.

She says, "Children will love the fast pace of the app.  Adults might be challenged but once you learn the “Arapū” song at the start, each activity will be within your reach."

The aim of the "game" is to arrange Māori letters and words correctly before the time runs out.  Hunia says, "They won’t realise they’re learning early dictionary skills at the same time."

The app is currently available at Google Play store:

It will be available for Apple users via App Store by July 14.