No public appearance today for PM’s baby girl

By Talisa Kupenga

The world will have to wait a little longer to meet Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s and partner Clarke Gayford’s yet-to-be named baby girl.

The Prime Minister’s Office says the family of three will not be making any public appearances today and they would stay in hospital for another night.

An office spokesperson says Ardern had a very brief sleep yesterday, spent a lot of the night feeding and that baby was a “very alert and very hungry baby”.

“Everyone is really well, if not a bit tired.

“After her efforts the PM had a dinner of Marmite toast and a milo last night.”

It is anticipated that family will visit the new family of three today.

The PM’s office says the only point of difference for the PM compared with other mums is that she has DPS protection.  The PM and her baby will stay in the maternity ward at Auckaland Hospital for the next day or so until she leaves to go home.

It is yet to be confirmed when that will be.

The baby was one of 24 born yesterday at the hospital and at the time of the newborn’s announcement the tally of babies was at 18.