No reassurance from Labour for Māori post-election

By Talisa Kupenga

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern hosted a post-election barbeque at her home with close friends, family and senior Labour Party members including deputy Kelvin Davis.

A post-election barbeque but the Labour leader is still on the grill.

Not so safe is their position to form government with the kingmaker taking his time to contact both major parties.

"Mr Peters in particular wants to take a bit of time," Ardern says.

Special votes could be part of the play, but not a referendum of the  Māori seats.

"We've got a high number [to count] as I say upwards of 15-percent of the vote, that is high."

With seven Māori seats and power hanging in the balance, Labour is under fire for potentially removing the independent Māori voice in Parliament.

"I think that was a response to well-run campaigns by our candidates and a message that was really strong and clear around producing better outcomes for Māori."

Labour and the Greens are expected to discuss options today.