NZ Certified Builders association addressing industry issues

Grant Florence CEO of the NZ Certified Builders association believes the government's Kiwibuild target to build 100,000 affordable homes in 10 years is unrealistic. His association was in Rotorua over this addressing key issues in the building industry like the shortage of skilled workers.

The NZ Certified Builders association are celebrating 20 years, however, CEO Grant Florence says the industry is being hit with a shortage of skilled workers in general and now to execute the government's kiwi-build plan. “I think it's a massive challenge we are still waiting in getting more and more detail around that but right today even if we can start tomorrow I don't think we can do it”.

Industry groups and training centres are warning that New Zealand needs to find at least another 50,000 workers and tradespeople in the next four years just to keep up with building demand. “We may have to go and get some people come in from offshore just to help us in the short term scenario but we really just need to make it more attractive for people to come into the industry”.

At the moment the association is doing a lot of work in apprenticeships as well as working with 14 tertiary education groups around the country. However, builders are finding it hard to expand their businesses. “Shortage of skill or just good people and I know lots of other builders would like to do more work expand their business but they just can't find the people to help them do that”. Grant Florence says that his association will continue to do more in attracting more youth and women to the industry.