NZ Māori Mens Hockey undefeated

The NZ Māori Mens Hockey team has taken out the Affiliates Tournament at the Festival of Hockey in Hawkes Bay, making it through five days of competition undefeated.

They're the youngest NZ Māori team to be named but they’ve proven that age is nothing but a number when it comes to competing.

Midfielder Alex Hanham says “It's pretty fantastic, last year we fell a bit short, so it's good to have a big of revenge.”

After playing five other teams in five days, they met Hawkes Bay in the final of the Affiliates tournament today.

David Brydon who also plays midfielder says “Can't be happier, it's a pretty good and a good way to finish the week, undefeated.”

The Māori side fought back, when the game was on an even keel but it was the second and final goal that sealed the fate of Hawkes Bay, losing 1-2.

Coach Grant Hunt says “They've stood up in every game and gotten better and better, we talked about playing above a line and we've addressed that this week.”

Five players of the NZ Māori team were also named in the tournament team, a team which will likely head to an international series later on this year.