NZ welcomes the New Year

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

It was an extravaganza put on for Aucklanders, fireworks were set off from Skycity, lighting up the night sky to mark the arrival of the New Year.

New Year's Eve revellers turned out in force throughout the country, and alcohol-related incidents are usually a commonplace, however police in Whangamata reported a very quiet night.

Police reports from the Bay of Plenty and other parts of the country have nothing but praise and thanks for New Year's Eve partygoers for their good behaviour, with only a few minor incidents to deal with.

This could be attributed to the new alcohol laws that came into force the week before last.

Police still have concerns however about the safety of teenagers, particularly young girls who drink alcohol, unaware of the risks.

It's hoped that New Year's Day revellers continue to remain safe right through to the end of the holidays when it's time to return home.