The other MMA - Māori Martial Arts

By James Perry

MAK Dojo has mixed Te Reo Māori together with the Japanese art of Kyokushin Karate.

Martial Arts Kyokushin (MAK) Dojo is based at both Manurewa Marae and Tāhuna Pā in Waiuku.

Dojo founder, Kapi Peita has been involved with Kyokushin karate for the better part of 20 years.  He says his students hold on to Māori values, such as caring for one another, uplifting each other and ultimately uplifting themselves, so it is fitting to incorporate Te Reo Māori, which upholds those values.

Peita says that there has been an increase in students joining MAK Dojo over the years.

One of the benefits he has seen has been the ability of students of te reo Māori, in particular, the school-aged children, to utilise the language outside of the classroom. 

He also believes that there has been an associated process of normalisation of Te Reo in the general community.

Eventually, what Peita, and the rest of MAK Dojo, would like to see is these students reaching the highest possible levels they can in both Kyokushin karate, and te ao Māori.

MAK Dojo will be hosting the Northern Regions tournament at Waiuku in October.