Over 100 police to patrol Mt Maunganui streets for NYE

By Ripeka Timutimu

Police Officer Tawhai Schuster says New Year’s Eve has changed drastically in the 12 years she’s been patrolling the streets of Mt Maunganui.

Schuster says, “It was infamous for its riots here but it’s drastically changed. So for the last couple of years we've hardly had any issues.”

Schuster says the alcohol ban that includes the Mt Maunganui, Tauranga CBD and Papamoa beach has contributed to the change.

Extra police will be on hand tonight to monitor the ban.

“We've got just over 100 police coming to work the NYE at Mauao. We have worked hard as senior management to speak to our licensed premises about handling the influx of people coming here to our beautiful Mauao,” says Schuster.

Schuster says it's a safe place for families. “We are encouraging whānau and koroua to bring the moko down and to have a safe New Year's Eve with our young ones. We want them to have a respectful New Year’s Eve, something they should live to remember.”

Schuster says the most important thing is that everyone stays safe when the clock strikes midnight.