Portia Woodman says there's no place like home

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

Portia Woodman returned to her home club for 'A Night with Portia' to give back to the club that inspires her. 

Ohaeawai,  home to Taiamai Rugby club and one of the worlds top sports people Portia Woodman. A well-traveled sportswoman says, "It's cool but it's not as cool as being from Ohaeawai, Kaikohe."

Taiamai Ohaeawai is in her blood and etched into memory. Father and former All Black, Kawhena Woodman says "It's in the blood, it's what she intrinsically carries" while Portia reflects on Fond memories, "Just seeing my brothers and my dad and his brother it's something man it was memorable."

130 years of Taiamai rugby and they are still producing stars. Mr. Woodman said he is proud of his daughter, the daughter of the North. 

She's played on some of the biggest fields in the world but Portia says it's about taking those experiences and inspire the young that matters. Showing small town kids that the world is theirs is of priority to the international rugby star. 

The proceeds of tonight's event will go to the Woodman's home club, Taiamai Ohaeawai.