Pouroto Ngaropo to help achieve Māori TV bilingual goal

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Māori Television welcomed Pouroto Ngaropo the new Head of People, Language and Culture, a new role established to maintain Māori language and customs to the highest standard.  Māori Television CEO Paora Maxwell hopes the new role will help achieve his new goal of making all workers bilingual by 2020.

Paora Maxwell says Ngaropo will be in charge of creating a Māori language strategy for the workers of Māori Television because of our goals is to make all of our workers bilingual by 2020.

Karakia and wairua filled the halls of Māori Television this morning, Pouroto Ngaropo's new home as Head of People, Language and Culture.

Ngaropo says he believes he can help take the Māori language at Māori Television to another level, but will never forget those who started the long fight to revitalise the Māori language.

Te Arawa leader Sir Toby Curtis told Te Kāea that he (Ngaropo) can adapt to any situation and any issue.  That the most important thing about him is his vast knowledge of genealogy.

Ngaropo's main priorities at Māori Television will be to ensure the language and customs are upheld.

Tauranga Moana’s Awanui Black, a childhood friend of Ngaropo said, his passion is Māoridom from as early as when they were children.

Ngāti Awa leader Hemana Eruera Manuera noted that Ngaropo has been on many journeys, traversed the sea, climbed the highest mountains searching for wisdom and knowledge.

Ngaropo says he is looking forward to starting his new role, that it's time (for Māoridom) to move forward, our language, its beauty, its complexity and its depth.

Pouroto Ngaropo has officially started on his new endeavour today.