Rangihāmama Dairy Farm comes to fruition

By Harata Brown

The realisation of a dream has come to fruition at the opening of the Rangihāmama Dairy Farm, which sits on 278 hectares of Māori land.

According to Sonny Tau of Omapere-Rangihāmama Trust, “Our milking shed is opened and will milk 570 cows this year.”

The new Māori Trustee and the Ministry of Primary Industries have worked with the Omapere Rangihāmama Trust to develop their lands to benefit its 3000 shareholders.

It is also said that this can also be used as a model for other Māori land owners who want to develop their lands.

The Trust envisions that the investment will see the production of milk solids grow from a budgeted 180,000kg in year one to a total of around 230,000kg from year three of the development.