Māori in Australia may still be left in the cold

By Ripeka Timutimu

It was a joyous meeting for John Key and Tony Abbott.

But John Key would have to have a few pennies saved up if that was the case, as rights for NZers living here don't paint a pretty picture.

And even with his ministers onside, Key says there's no quick fix for struggling Kiwis in Australia.

Business leaders from both NZ and Australia met today, and apart from Debbie Birch of Te Tumu Paeroa (Mäori Trustee), the indigenous peoples of both lands were left voiceless.

But if Māori are continually left out in the cold, economic progress will continue to be a struggle.

John Key and his delegation jet back to NZ tomorrow, and if no progress is made on their rights, many Mäori here may have to do the same.