Native Affairs - Second-Class Citizens

With the lure of higher wages and a warmer climate across the ditch, Kiwis have, for decades, made the exodus to what was well known as the ‘Land of Plenty’ Australia.

But 12 years on since a radical change to the Australian Social Security Act, there is now a mood change among expats. That's because the act outlaws only Kiwis to entitlements that are available to all other taxpayers regardless of nationality.

And it's the lack of entitlements that have forced many New Zealanders into desperate situations. The latest incident of the NZ-born but Australian-proud Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe, being rejected an Australian citizenship is a direct result of this Act.  And it's happening to many more kiwis.

Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha crossed the Tasman to investigate and find the Māori woman who's spearheading the one-mission campaign to get the discriminatory law overturned.