Ride for 'Smear your Mea' from Rotorua to Wellington

In February next year, a cycling group will cycle from Kauae cemetery in Rotorua to Wellington carrying the message of 'Smear you mea' founder Talei Morrison. Lead by former Māori party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell who says Talei's wanted to have 100% of all Māori performers at Te Matatini to have had checks before they hit the stage and we are going to make that happen. Te Ururoa Flavell is no stranger to political challenges, but his latest challenge could be one of his toughest. “Everything is going good, for those that want to come and cycle from where she is to Wellington to carry her message your welcome”. Flavell will lead a group of cyclists on a five day cycle from Rotorua to Wellington. “The group between 12 to 20 riders will be carrying the message to Te Matatini in relation to 'Smear your Mea' we will be riding along-side them but the message is for them”. 'Smear your Mea' founder and Te Mātārae I Ōrehu performer Talei Morrison who died in June wanted to see all kaihaka at Te Matatini 2019 to be screened for cervical cancer before performing on the stage. “Talei's message is the story from when she was alive to when she was diagnosed with cancer till her death”. Iwi Te Whau who has been a part of the 'Smear you Mea' campaign says that it starts the conversation within whānau about cervical and prostate cancer. “From the group, you reach a family, this subtribe to the tribe we need to acknowledge Talei for her drive and vision on the issue”. Mr Flavell says once they leave Rotorua they will make their way to Taupō on the road they will meet with Māori health groups in the community in promoting the importance for women and men to go and get checked.