Road closures continue to limit Kaikoura access

By Taroi Black

Civil Defence says they are only allowing local residents through the main route of Kaikoura for emergency supplies.  Locals say they're frustrated as the wait for repairs continues.

SH 70 is still closed to the public in Kaikoura.

“Everything is still up in the air about the inland road opening or closing for kai and water coming through,” says local Alysha Sullivan.

The Civil Defence Emergency Management is only allowing access to residents who reside in Waiau and Mt Lyford between 10am and 2pm.

The only way into Kaikoura is by helicopter, a 10-minute chopper ride from Cheviot. It's the same route other helicopters have used to drop supplies off and pick up evacuees.

From the air, the amount of people who flocked to Takahanga Marae for water and food can clearly be seen.

It was the central hub which fed thousands affected by the earthquake.

Surprised locals have noted that the water has receded 200 metres back out to sea.

Despite a gruelling week for locals and tourists in Kaikoura, many have kept positive since the earthquake and continue to assist in their town’s recovery.