Salvation Army Rotorua stepping in to help

Families in Rotorua are feeling the cold.  Now the Salvation Army in Rotorua is stepping in to help.

Kylie Overbye of the Salvation Army in Rotorua says, “What we do see and we are seeing again this year as every year, is that the cost of heating homes just escalates and it becomes hard to make payments”.

The Salvation Army primarily provides food parcels to families in need.  They also offer services in transitional housing with the Ministry of Social Development.

“People coming from out of town looking for a new hope, starting afresh, but what they are coming to- we've got this issue with housing so what they are finding isn't what they are looking for.” 

Since April the Salvation Army in Rotorua has provided assistance to over 200 families, distributed 261 food parcels and provided clothing and accommodation to 20 families.

“When people are primarily needing to pay their rent or mortgage or whatever, sometimes they really are struggling to put food on the table.  One way we can help is to provide food assistance to those who are going through a difficult time in order for them to pay other bills.” 

Overbye says more and more families are turning to groups like the Salvation Army for help while the cost of living is rising.