Samoa declares state of emergency

A fourty-eight hour state of emergency has been declared in Samoa as the worst of tropical Cyclone Gita passes. Although there have been no reports of casualties, the damage is extensive.

Flood waters rushed through the homes and streets of Samoa and gusts nearing 100 kilometers floored roofs, trees, and power lines.

The category two cyclone is expected to pass Niue and will make its way south of Tonga on Monday.

Cyclone Gita was high on the agenda during Deputy PM Winston Peters and Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs talks in Auckland today.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop says, "Both our nations have offered support and assistance and at this stage, we are monitoring the weather as it unfolds but we both stand ready to provide support should that be required."

According to Weather Watch New Zealand, the cyclone could come to New Zealand and may become a bigger storm than the recent ex-cyclone Fehi. However, MetService says a forecast can't be made until tomorrow.