Scots College threatens to take legal action against Rotorua Boys

Allegations continue to fly today regarding the national secondary schools' champion rugby side.

The headmaster of Scots College revealed today he has no qualms in taking the Rotorua Boys' High School (RBHS) side to court over player eligibility issues.  However, Rotorua says they've already won on the field and they'll win again in court.

Graham Yule says, “Fess up, be transparent, answer the questions so that we understand what’s going on.”

A surprising admission from Scots College headmaster, Graham Yule to the NZ Secondary Rugby Union (NZSRU) to answer questions over the eligibility of two players in the Rotorua Boys' High School side this year.  He says there are still too many questions that remain unanswered.

Yule says, “The Super 8 schools felt strongly enough about the breach of the rules to take them out of that competition and it raises severe questions I think about their eligibility to be in other competitions as well.”

In an interview last week with Te Kāea, Rotorua Boys' High School headmaster, Chris Grinter said that the whole schoolboy rugby debacle, which has plagued his school in their hour of triumph, is far from warranted.

NZSRU have already completed their independent review of player eligibility, clearing Rotorua Boys' of any wrong doing.  Yet this is still not enough for Scots.

Yule says, “To be quite honest with you that bodes of something of a cover up.”

Yule admits the best solution is hoped to be found out of court.

“I guess if we don’t get our questions answered then we may have no choice.”

The final whistle of the game, but it seems the battle for schoolboy rugby supremacy is far from over.