Select Committee to discuss ban on rodeo in NZ

A formal hearing with a Select Committee comprising leading animal advocacy organisations will discuss a ban on rodeo in New Zealand. 

Organisations including SAFE, SPCA New Zealand and Farmwatch will address their concerns at Parliament today.

Earlier in the year these groups formed a coalition and gathered more than 62,000 signatures, prompting the government to consider the issue. 

They say the widespread support they have received means the level of opposition to rodeo is greater than ever before. 

SPCA New Zealand CEO Ric Odom says that the petition shows a significant number of New Zealanders want the rodeo cruelty to end therefore encouraging the government to ban it. 

SAFE’s Campaigns Officer, Shanti Ahluwalia says, “Kiwis want rodeo gone. The days of treating animals like this are well and truly numbered.

If New Zealand truly wants to be seen as leaders in animal welfare then there is only one choice: we must stop terrifying animals this way and ban rodeo.”

Odom says they are completely opposed to the rodeo and stresses the negative impact it has on animals.

“Rodeos can be a terrifying and stressful experience for the animals involved, yet they are currently legal. The SPCA believes no animal should be subjected to such cruelty, especially simply for the entertainment of people.”

Te Kāea reporter Moana Makapelu-Lee spoke to rodeo expert Gary Jackson prior to the submission of the petition to Parliament. He says the rodeo community negate their animals are being ill-treated. 

"We don't really see the day where rodeos could be banned. The animal welfare stats we have collected over 40 years make rodeo one of the safest sports to be involved with."

There are currently 35 rodeo events throughout the country.