Serco under fire again

By Heta Gardiner

The Minister of Corrections has once again come under fire, this time over the raids on Head Hunters gang members this morning. Labour is asking, how did prisoners break the law from inside?

From bad to worse.

Given the horde of failings that were exposed last week, this is just another to add to the pile, and I'm not at all surprised. 

Two Mt Eden Prison inmates have been arrested as part of a major Police operation targeting criminal activities in the Head Hunters gang.

For the majority of last week, we heard apologies and explanations from the Minister of Corrections.

He's still on the back foot, and some have raised questions about how inmates can be committing crimes from inside. He is still standing by Serco.

He says, “It's too early to specular about what we're going to do with Serco's contracts.”

The problems began last week when videos of fight clubs emerged. But the former Minister of Police Anne Tolley says, it's not a new allegation and not something unique to Mount Eden.

“The fight club ones been around for a long time, not just in Mount Eden but across a number of prisons.”

Despite the growing unease, there is an investigation underway and a $500,000 fine has been handed down to Serco.

But Kelvin Davis says, that's just peanuts.

Their bonus this year are $700,000, so they pay it and still get a portion of their bonus back.

The investigation is expected to take three months.