Sevens spirit not dampened by NZ's shock exit

Seven friends travelled together from Auckland to Wellington for the big party known as the Sevens.

One of the seven, Brad Anderson says his group jumped on the costume bandwagon and the girls got the ball rolling with ideas for costumes.

Despite the cost of travel and accommodation, the cost and effort put into costumes can be just as important. Mr Anderson says some of the ideas for costumes included nude sunbathers, but luckily enough it was left up to the girls to throw ideas back and forth resulting in a final decision, the 'wolfpack'.

With their costumes adorned the 'wolfpack' was ready to head to the stadium and get into the partying spirit. 

Just like previous years there were plenty of amazing and extremely odd costumes to gawk at.

So while the 'wolfpack' may have stood out like a sore thumb on any other day,  they blended quite nicely into the crowd this time around.