Shock and concern after two fresh terror attacks in London

By Te Rina Kowhai

Shock and concern after two fresh terror attacks in London overnight in which six victims are dead and dozens of others were injured.

Metropolitan police have confirmed that today's attack in two separate parts of London were acts of terrorism.
Six people are confirmed dead and three suspects killed and at least 20 people have been taken to hospital.

The first incident at London Bridge occurred 10:30 pm local time where a van sped across London Bridge knocking over pedestrians, 
The second incident happened in Borough Market, where a witness told CNN a man with a massive knife entered a restaurant stabbing two people inside. Shannon Hanrahan from Whakatōhea heard all the sirens from his apartment.

Shannon Hanrahan (Whakatōhea) says, "Basically I've been getting alerts via Twitter and my app and newsfeed and I'm in North London in a place called Finsbury Park and I am on one of the main roads, going into the main part of London to the west end and basically London bridge. And I was aware that something must be on, because I can hear all the emergency services that have been called in from the outer London, coming in. So Police cars, ambulances and you can hear them going past and clearly, something was on."

It is the third attack to strike the United Kingdom this year, with the first in March when a man drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and the most recent bomb attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester 2 weeks ago. 

Hanrahan says, "I think there's a definite change in the air and there's a lot of security on the tube, so you see staff out a lot more. Add to that an election, and the whole place feels disjointed and a bit disrupted basically."

The New Zealand High Commission in London is in contact with the relevant authorities and there's no indication at this stage that any New Zealanders have been caught up in the incident. We are advising New Zealanders in London to follow any instructions issued by the local authorities.

The Manchester 'One Love' benefit concert will be kicking-off in 24hours, where the proceeds will go to the victims and families who were affected by the Manchester attack. The fans from the British and Irish Lions team in Waitangi sent there thoughts and messages to the families.

One Lions fan says "Well we are always here thinking about them and we always will and will work together."

Another Lions fan Ebony Jane Clark says "Just strength, we come together in times like this and we come together as a community. We prove strength and love and we send our heartfelt messages out to everyone that's been affected by these incidents."

May the messages help to lift spirits back in the United Kingdom where they are again gripped by fear.