Should Euthanasia be legalised in New Zealand?

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

The Health Select Committee is currently looking at submissions for euthanasia.

Dr Huhana Hickey, a research fellow in Taupua Waiora Centre for Māori Health Research at AUT University, is one of few Māori to make a submission. 

She says euthanasia should not be legal in New Zealand. She says as a Māori it doesn’t sit well with her culturally, “It’s a Pākehā concept it's not really our whakaaro, we don't talk about it. There's some things we don't talk about publicly and I don't think a lot of Māori even know the process for putting in submissions, it's a lot of energy.”

Tess Moeke-Maxwell is an expert on palliative care for Māori. She says generally Māori believe death and dying is a tapu subject. 

“A lot of our families are quite superstitious as you know pre-colonisation all of our health issues were filtered through and informed by a belief in the wairua, the spiritual realm.”

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