Skimming gang at work in Tauranga

A number of complaints have been received about skimming this afternoon says Sergeant Richard Martin from the Tauranga Police.

Police have been made aware of a potential skimming gang working Brookfields area of Tauranga today 9th of April.  Three different victims lost a total of over $1,000 from their accounts whereby skimmers have cloned their bank cards, watched them enter their PIN numbers and used the cloned cards to take money from the accounts throughout Tauranga over this weekend.

Sgt Richard Martin is encouraging people to come forward if they think they may be a victim of a skimming. 

“You can protect yourself by keeping an eye on your card at all times and make a note of where and when you use it, and remember to cover your PIN while completing a transaction.

 Anyone who thinks that they have had unauthorised use need to check their accounts after each transaction and contact their banks to close their accounts as soon as possible."

If you believe that you may be a victim of crime, in person or online you should report the matter to your local Police, contact details can be found at