Social workers to receive 30 percent pay rise

By Jessica Tyson

Oranga Tamariki social workers are set to receive a 30 percent pay rise as part of a pay settlement announced this morning.

The settlement, worth $114.6mil over five years, is expected to benefit 1,300 employees.

Council of Trade Unions President Richard Wagstaff says the pay rise is a credit to the Public Service Association and social workers who have helped tamariki for so long despite their pay.

“The settlement offer shows the value of union membership to rapidly advance women's rights and economic equality in New Zealand.  It will absolutely make a huge difference to the quality of our social workers' lives."

CTU estimates that overall, 63,000 working people have now had a pay equity settlement or offer, and all of them have been through women joining together in unions and winning their cases.

 “When we speak to union members like social workers in Oranga Tamariki, every one of them tells us how much they love their jobs and using their skills to help others," says Wagstaff.

“These women want to continue doing people-focused work, and New Zealand really needs their careers to continue- so it's only fair and reasonable they can put a roof over their own heads and provide for their families too."

The PSA will now vote on whether to accept the offer.