Students left out of library closure consultations

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

Over 1,000 students rallied at the University of Auckland today in protest at the proposed closure of several of its specialist libraries. 

President of The Auckland Universoty Students Association (AUSA) says the protests are a call to halt the progression of the proposal, to protect the libraries and ensure that student voices are heard. 

Over 4,000 students and community members signed an AUSA petition to ensure student voices are heard in relation to the decisions made on the libraries.

A proposed new structure for the Tumu Herenga division of the University of Auckland came about in response to the evolving nature of libraries, and the need to keep them relevant to the needs of today's students, academics, and communities, according to the university.

The university is proposing to close the Music & Dance, the Architecture & Planning and Fine Arts libraries and move the resources to the general library.

The president of the AUSA says that the university's lack of thought is the problem and securing the student voice is paramount. 

Consultations close tonight and rally organisers will meet with the committee to ensure the student aspirations are heard.