Tahitians visit Māori Television

updated By Numia Ponika-Rangi

A surprise visit to Māori Television today saw the building transformed into a marae and the staff mesmerised by the sound of the drums, and the melodious sounds of song, by a group of students from the University of Tahiti.

The nearly 30 strong group arrived in Auckland on Tuesday and are being hosted by The Auckland University’s Tutahi Tonu Marae.

They’ve travelled as far as Wellington, after spending time with students at Waikato University, in a shared cultural and bi-lingual exchange.

Spokesperson for the group Taoahere Maono says, “Their visit to Māori Television has to be the highlight of their NZ tour, and that they were very grateful for the experience, because there are a few students among them who are very interested in a career in Media, including Indigenous Television.”

While at Māori Television the group also made new friends, contacts and forged some very beneficial relationships.

They return to Tahiti on Sunday.