Tamihere says Māori are discriminated against by PHOs

By Mānia Clarke

Known for not mincing his words, Te Pou Matakana CE John Tamihere says Māori are being discriminated against by Primary healthcare professionals and not being cared for as they should.

At the Wai 2687 inquiry currently underway at Tūrangawaewae Marae, Tamihere said, “There’s a nice term that the Women’s Movement uses it’s called unconscious bias. It’s just a nice way of saying they’re racist mongrels.”

Tamihere says in all discretions whether it's at the GP clinic, the nursing clinic whether it's at the hospital.

"If there's a discretion to be made in terms of service deliverables to Māori we end up on the back end of the queue."  

He says there is research at Lakeside Hospital Rotorua that highlights huge disparities with more Māori presenting at serious stages of illnesses, like cancer.

He claims it's an issue that stems from Māori missing out on funding to help their own. "If you reward people to manage our failure, they'll up it. You invest in people that want to cure it and sort it - it will go down because Whānau Ora has absolutely demonstrated on any cut on the peanuts it gets, that we can do better than anyone else on any measure."

He says, "99.8% of all money voted from NZ government, which is about $80billion a year goes to Māori, but by and through non-Māori."

More claimants are set to give evidence over this week and Tamihere is optimistic that the united voice will eventually result in Māori being able the right to self-determine their own healthcare.