Taranaki Tūmai festival unites iwi

By Ripeka Timutimu

Eight iwi from the Taranaki region celebrated the 4th anniversary of the Taranaki Tūmai festival this weekend. Over two days, iwi members competed in kapa haka and sports events.

Co-event organiser, Wharehoka Wano, says it’s a real challenge for groups to meet the high expectations of the judges.

“The words can be expressed through a body movement and facial expressions. It's easy to understand if the group commit themselves to the song” says Mr Wano.

Competition wasn’t only on the stage but also on the rugby field.

Omahuru Robinson says his team proudly represented their iwi, “I'm really happy our team Ngā Ruahinerangi played well today.”

Mr Wano says even though this is a competition, “This year's festival is also about uniting us all under the banner of Taranakai Tūmai.”