Taurua stays on with Sunshine Coast Lightning

Noeline Taurua has renewed her contract with Australia's Suncorp Super Netball champion side, Sunshine Coast Lightning. 

Taurua leads the side for another two years as head coach in the domestic competition alongside assistant coach Kylee Byrne, who also renewed her contract.

Taurua says, "The family are enjoying their time over there...To have the opportunity to secure another year is about consolidating a feathered team and also a club- so that's a bonus value. We can really look at what we need to do in regards to our emerging talent."

Taurua leads the same nine players who struck lightning in the inaugural competition last year with Rotorua's Erana Mikaere expected to fill in Laura Langman's role at wing defence.

"The only one we missed out on is Laura Langman and that gives us the opportunity to allow Maddi McAuliffe and also Erana Mikaere to secure that position," says Taurua.

The team traveled to Dunedin this week for a pre-season two-match tour against last year's ANZ Premiership champions and Taurua's former side, Southern Steel.

"We've become like a sister club to each other and definitely we watch each other closely and watch the progression in our own competition," says Taurua.

As to whether a permanent move back to NZ Netball in the future is on the cards, Taurua says she hasn't looked that far.

"Whatever will happen after that stage I'm not too sure and to be honest haven't looked that far.  But hopefully I'll be involved in netball in different capacities," says Taurua.

Both sides meet in their first match this evening before the Lightning's first season game against Super Netball finalist rivals, the Giants on 29 April.