"Tautoko Tautoko" event to raise money for Tautoko FM

By Kimiora Kaire-Melbourne
Photo sourced from Tautoko FM website

An event to support the rebuild of Tautoko FM in Mangamuka, one of the oldest Māori Radio Stations in the country, will take place in Auckland's CBD.

On May 18, the radio station was engulfed by a fire, of which the cause is still being investigated.

Tautoko FM returned to the airwaves only a week after the fire and they are currently set up at a temporary premises, however the whānau of Tautoko FM still require a lot of support.

Tickets to the “Tautoko Tautoko” concert event, which will take place on June 26, will be sold for $30 each.

The proceeds will go towards a new studio, office as well as new equipment for Tautoko FM.

“Tautoko Tautoko” will also be broadcast live on all 21 Māori stations, and will be live-streamed at www.waateanews.com for those unable to attend in person.

It is hoped that this event will see Māori from across Aotearoa come together to sing, perform, tune in and attend the "Tautoko Tautoko" event in support of Tautoko FM.

Black Note, Māori-music bar in Auckland City, will be hosting "Tautoko Tautoko", tickets are available via Radio Waatea (09) 275 9070 at $30 per person.