Te Matatini 2015 - Tū Te Maungaroa

By Te Ao Māori News

Tū Te Maungaroa have been through many years, have seen many faces, held fast by the hands and words of the old.

Now in 2015, Tū Te Maungaroa presents its fifth generation.

They strive to maintain the teachings and practices of their koroua and kuia, not only as a reminder of who they are but also teaching and preparing themselves as Tūhoe and as Māori.

They say, "We understand that not everything can be learnt and embedded from a distance.  We have a team that are not only Tūhoe, but include our inlaws and whānau who come from all iwi and as Tūhoe, acknowledge all iwi that are amongst us including all iwi kāinga of the Wellington region."

"It is imperative to the survival of Tūhoe and Māori in Wellington that we provide the platform for our whānau to maintain their own links, values, beliefs and language to Tūhoe and their own respective iwi.  While we may live amongst concrete, where the heart lies is where home will always be."

Tū Te Maungaroa's tutors are Te Rangiua Temara, Ripeka Hori and Kalif Temara, and today their leaders are Te Rangiua Temara and Ripeka Hori.

Here's their performance from last year's Te Whanganui-a-Tara regional competition:

Here's their performance from Te Matatini 2013: