Te Papa to host famous ancient Terracotta Army

Te Papa Museum has announced their newest exhibition for this Summer, a unique opportunity for Kiwis to see the famous 2,300-year-old Terracotta Warriors in Aotearoa.

The exhibition, Terracotta Warriors: Guardians of Immortality 秦始皇兵马俑:永恒的守卫 will open on December 15 later this year, and will run until 22 April 2019.

Te Papa's Chief Executive Geraint Martin says, "We've created this exhibition to bring the internationally-acclaimed terracotta army to New Zealand, treasures that many wouldn't otherwise get a chance to see."

He says, "The exhibition promises to be a major and unique event for Te Papa and for New Zealand."

Over 160 "exquisite" works of ancient Chinese art make up the Terracotta Warriors which date from the Western Zhou through to the Han dynasties, 1046 BC - 220AD.

The exhibition's curator Dr Rebecca Rice says Te Papa is offering visitors "an immersive and intimate experience, a chance to see the Terracotta Warriors up close in breath-taking detail."

She says, "The exhibition will also provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the First Emperor's vision and his unification of China, shaping the nation as we know it today."