Te Rarawa MMA fighter prepares for Worlds

By Taroi Black

A MMA fighter is hoping to make it big over in the States in just a few months.  21-year-old John Brewin is regarded as one of the up-and-coming fighters in Auckland.

He's fighting for a world title.  Brewin says, "I've always loved seeing people fight, so I thought I would always be good at it."

With his big break in the IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA coming up in Las Vegas, he'll have to raise enough money to travel over. 

Brewin says, "Basically we're selling hangi and that was our first fundraising idea.  So we have fundraising at this gym in a weeks time.  If i have to I'll sell whatever I own."

Just three years ago, Brewin became an MMA fighter under the watchful eye of Hamish Robertson, a well-known Auckland MMA coach who also has international star Ev Ting under his belt.

Robertson says, "In the space of three years, he's gone from never fought before to being a NZ representative at the World Champs, so that pretty much says it all." 

Another highlight for Brewin this year will be receiving his Bachelor in Māori Studies and Criminology from the University of Auckland next Friday. 

The 77kg fighter will head to the worlds in July.