Te Wehi Haka in heartfelt performance with John Mayer

By Regan Paranihi

American singer-songwriter John Mayer opened his ‘An evening with John Mayer’ concert in Auckland on Saturday night with both versions of Whakaaria Mai.

Source: Lee Fowler/Youtube

Mayer was accompanied by Bella Kalolo, who sang the Māori version of the song accompanied by Te Wehi Haka.

Following the heartfelt performance by Mayer and Kalolo, Te Wehi Haka performed a fierce haka, led by Waka Huia’s very own Tapeta Wehi.

This was Mayer’s tribute to the victims of the Christchurch terror attack.

Newly established Māori Performing Arts group, Te Wehi Haka, provides a cultural experience for any event.

The group is directed and managed by successful kapa haka leaders, Tāpeta and Annette Wehi.

To find out more visit the Te Wehi Haka The Haka Experience website.