Theia releases new music video

By Regan Paranihi

New Zealand artist Theia, also known as Em-Haley Walker, has released the video clip to her latest single, Candy.

Theia launched Candy last week.  She says the song is a carefree celebration of individuality.

"Candy is about that moment when you stop caring what others think of you.  It’s about letting go and forging your own path; not following others, and the power and the freedom that comes from just being yourself,” she says.

The Kiwi sensation returned to Golden Age Studio in Auckland (where Lorde made Pure Heroin) for the first time in two years.

“I’d had a bit of a hiatus from the studio and I’d had time to reflect on the last few years of making music.  It was important to get back to writing and to just let loose and make the kind of song I wanted to make.  Not to please anyone, but myself.  Once I’d reached that place, Candy came easy. It felt right!” says Theia.

Candy signals a new chapter in the Christchurch-born singer’s musical journey and shines a light on one of the pop artist.