Truck company to continue fuel protests

By Jessica Tyson

Up to 100 vehicles joined on the Northern Motorway in Auckland this morning to protest against the rising price of fuel.

The organiser of the truck protest, Rob Ryans from RNB Transport LTD, says the group will hold another protest until their voices are heard.

He says, “The next one’s going to be bigger and hopefully it’ll go nationwide and that’s what it’s about. You can’t sit at home and do nothing and moan unless you get out there and do something.”

It comes after petrol prices have hit record highs after the Government's latest excise tax increase and the Auckland Council’s regional fuel tax.

Ryan says safety was a priority during the trip, with all trucks staying in the slow lane from Silverdale to the city central.

While there has been positive feedback about the protest today, some unhappy commuters posted their criticism via social media.

On a post to Facebook by the company, one user wrote, “Why? And thanks in advance for actively causing chaos to me and fellow commuters. Police should be putting out a stop to this.”

Another user wrote, “Waste the time money and effort block the entire motorway to get your point across.”

While another user in support posted, “One day's delay for a good cause. Go our trucking community..don’t listen to mewling minges.”

Ryan says he doesn’t get involved with people showing criticism.

“That’s not what it’s about," he says, "This is about a bigger picture. There probably won’t be haters if we get the fuel to come down.”

Petrol prices have risen to as much as 40c over the last few months.