Unruly tourists told 'Bye-bye, go back home' by former Immigration Minister

A group of unruly tourists have reportedly been issued a deportation liability notice by Immigration New Zealand after more unruly behaviour at a Hamilton Burger King.

The tourists, thought to be Irish by Takapuna beach-goers, have sparked outrage once again.

It was reported that the group were served the notice at a Hamilton Burger King outlet on Tuesday afternoon.

This comes after the family were accused of threatening behaviour, dumping their rubbish at Takapuna Beach, skipping out on the bill and bullying staff at a number of Auckland eateries.

Former Immigration Minister Tuariki Delamere took to Facebook calling on Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway to deport the group immediately.

“Dear Minister Iain Lees- Galloway,” he wrote.

“May I respectfully suggest that you use your powers under the Immigration Act 2009 to direct INZ to immediately cancel the visas for these scum and have them served a Deportation Liability Notice followed by a Deportation Order.

In doing this you will gain widespread support and acclamation from the NZ public.”

Speaking to Te Kāea, Delamere says "They're just a couple pack of thieves and bullies and so bye-bye go back home."

In the post, Delamere said he hoped the Minister would take the same course of action he did in 2000 when he withdrew the visa and work permits of the America's Cup Young America sailor Keats Montross Seeley for theft and assault on a taxi driver.

“This is what I did to the Young America Team’s sailor (thug) who was discharged by some idiot judge in 1999 for assault, battery and theft because it might harm his chances of sailing in the America’s Cup.”

Delamere says, "Minister Lees-Galloway, that's what you need to do with these Irish. Cancel their visas, that's what I did. I asked my General Manager ‘Can I do it? They said ‘Yes Minster you can’. Then consider it done. Get rid of these Irish."