US Election too close to call

By Taiha Molyneux

The outcome of the presidential elections in America is yet to be confirmed. But according to the latest stats the leader of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton is ahead at the moment. The Republican leader Donald Trump is behind by 10 electoral votes. 270 is the goal. Let's have a look at the state electoral votes.

Clinton is ahead by 197 votes and has secured California, Illinois, and New York. Most of the states won are located in the Eastern region which includes Colombia and Hawaii.

Trump has received 187 votes at the moment, from within the Texas region, and the majority of the areas in the South, up to Florida, throughout the middle of the country and the smaller areas of voting, like the south, north of Dakota and Idaho.

We're still waiting for votes to come in from Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Washington. It looks like they're the deciding areas who will reign in the White House as 45th president for four years.

The polls are closed. Emotions have been running high since the election campaign began 18 months ago. People have been bombarded with political messages for over 600 days and they're glad it's over.

Te Kāea headed to a Democrats gathering to gauge reaction from Hilary Clinton's supporters and met a woman who worked on her election campaign

Democrat Hala Alaya says, “I don’t know what the exact number is but it’s making my stomach hurt because we’ve worked so hard to elect Hillary Clinton and the down Ballard in Virginia. It’s bitter sweet.”

So how are the Democrats feeling and what will they do if Hillary doesn’t win.

“I don’t want to think about that because I may have to migrate somewhere else, to another country, maybe even New Zealand.”

Voters in Virgina say they've had to endure a bombardment of political propaganda in this election and are relieved they can now move on.