US Government shutdown starting to hurt families

By Heta Gardiner

A Māori financial advisor says the US Government shutdown is starting to affect families on the ground.

Reweti Wiki, who lives in California acknowledges that this Government shutdown is not at the same scale as it was in 2013, but he still believes this is having an impact on many families.

“There are still 800,000 families affected by this shutdown through no fault of their own. Who, very shortly, are going to have to pay mortgages, and rent and power bills,” said Wiki.

US President Donald Trump says a wall between the US and Mexico border is needed to secure the southern border from irregular immigration, but Wiki says the situation is precarious.

“As this drags on, this will have more of an impact on everyday people, and at some point, you'll have to question of the US defaults on debt.”

The shutdown began after Trump and Democrats failed to come to an agreement on whether to allocate funds to a wall on the US southern border.

Nine federal departments have been affected by the move.

“We live in the middle of Redwood National Park, and the Federal Government is one of the biggest employers in the region. So there is a very human story here of the 800,000 federal workers who are about to miss their first paycheck. In theory, they're going to get back paid, but what we're starting to see is real families starting to suffer,” said Wiki.