Venus Williams invited to attend 90th Māori Tennis Tournament

By Tamati Tiananga

American professional tennis player and former World No.1 Venus Williams has been sent an invitation to attend Māori Tennis' 90th annual tennis competition in 2016.

In two years’ time, Māori Tennis hope one of the world's best will bless Māori tennis with her presence.

Tā Tamati Reedy says, “It's difficult trying to secure anyone outside of their planned schedule and invitations all over the world. Once they've finished in one place, they're off to the next place and the next another after that.

The most difficult thing would be attracting them to a small-time event like ours.”

An official invitation was sent earlier this year.The former world champion Williams is one of many other well-known faces to be invited.

The 90th anniversary will be held in Hamilton. Players are excited at the idea that Williams could be coming to New Zealand.

The organising committee are expecting a high number of former Māori tennis winners to return and participate.