Video captures thirsty thieves fleeing liquor store

By Jessica Tyson
Video capturing the theft. (Source: Kahu Bennett.)

A shoplifting incident at a bottle store in Auckland has been captured on camera, showing four men running from the store with three boxes of alcohol.

Auckland resident Kahu Bennett was doing some product promotion at Pacific Liquor, Glen Innes when the incident occurred around 7pm on Saturday.

“I turned around and these three guys with blue bandanas over their face come into the store," she told Te Kāea.

She says they pushed over a set of metal shelves close to where she’d set up.

“If those shelves hit me it would have messed me up a bit," she says.

“I think they did that as a bit of a distraction to block the path.  So they managed to push that over, came towards me but I managed to get out of the way so I didn’t get hit.”

Police were called to the scene. Source: Kahu Bennett

Bennett says the thieves took three boxes of alcohol, “two Heineken and one Woodstock”.

“They obviously knew the layout of the store so it was all premeditated...they came in, pushed it over and knew that boxes were right next to the door, grabbed that and then ran off.”

After the thirsty thieves left, police were called to the scene.

A police spokesperson told Te Kāea, “Police spoke to the owner and other local business owners and are reviewing CCTV footage.”

Bennett says the owner just bought the store and this was the first time he had been targeted by thieves.

“If they get caught it’s going to be on their record for life and it’s all for what, a few beers that would have been gone by the morning. It’s just silly.”

The shoplifters pushed over a set of metal shelves during the incident. Source: Kahu Bennett