Waikato-Tainui release their first iwi education strategy

In a first, Waikato-Tainui have signed an education covenant with some mainstream secondary schools within its wider region. Te Arataura chair says today marks an important step towards fulfilling the tribe's education strategy, for all its members 15 years and over, to have an education qualification by 2050.

The start of a new partnership between Waikato-Tainui and these 14 mainstream schools.

Te Arataura Chair, Rahui Papa says, “Approximately 75% of our young beneficiary are in mainstream schools, so these schools have been brought here to discuss how we can enhance what they are teaching the students.”

The schools come from within the wider Waikato-Tainui region, such as Papakura High in the north, down to schools in Hamilton, including Raglan area school in the west and Matamata High School in the east.

Fairfield High School teacher Richard Crawford says, “This will help our board of trustees and teachers.  It will guide us as to what is correct path we need to take, in teaching all our students.”

A pilot of five schools trialled the initiative last year.  Other schools quickly saw that the concept would benefit their school.

“We will supply teaching resources for the schools that align firstly with the New Zealand curriculum, secondly with our iwi curriculum, which we've developed,” says Papa.

A total of 27 schools are here today.   The desire from those who are not a part of the covenant, is to join as soon as they can.

In time, the tribe hopes all 35 secondary schools within its boundary, will be a part of the initiative.