Warriors Hiku out to prove critics wrong

By Tamati Tiananga

Warriors Peta Hiku has no issues with people's view on his form in the NRL. Hiku who looks to play centre this season says he has formulated a plan that will see an improved player this year. 

Leaning to listen and take good advice will only better his game says Hiku, "I like to look back at things and what I can do better. The attacking game, everyone can attack, last year I had a bad defensive game".

Hiku had a mixed season in 2018, he welcomes constructive criticism for his performances in the NRL. He has paid extra attention to detail. This plan will help him and coaches further develop his footy skills.  

"In footy you learn things, some people try play with your head [mind] some are there to help you. Coming through footy you learn to block it out".


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Hiku has had his fair share of criticism over the years, many saying he hasn't been up to scratch. He has formulated a plan to return to his best. He adds there is value in listening to his biggest critics.  

'It doesn't bother me too much, coaches have their way and what they expect, I'm happy to go out there and dot it".

Hiku says the world of footy is forever changing. This is one reason he pays attention to professional advice.

"You set goals, if you've had a good year you'd want to get better, if you've had a bad year you want to work on things and get better," says Hiku.  

Hiku adds viewers will have their say and it's not all positive feedback. But it's feedback like this that drives him to produce his better this season [2019]