"We need to establish a Ngāpuhi Parliament" - Harawira

updated By Raniera Harrison
Pictured: Minister of Treaty Negotiations Andrew Little

The Minister of Treaty Negotiations Andrew Little has been meeting Ngapuhi leaders to discuss progress towards a settlement. Hone Harawira says he's been meeting with Andrew Little and says Ngapuhi should have it's own parliament.

Former MP for Te Tai Tokerau Hone Harawira says he has a solution for progress towards a settlement

"We need to establish a Ngāpuhi Parliament"

"I'm one of those. The Minister [of Treaty Negotiations] wants to engage in discussion with" says Harawira.

Meanwhile, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones disagrees with Hone Harawira. And he says if Ngāpuhi want funding for regional economic development, he's the minister to talk to.

"There is only one Parliament that I support and that's the one I'm currently in. And if they want to talk about funding, I'm the man to talk to" says Jones.

With the Ngāpuhi treaty settlement, Hone Harawira says he's made his views clear to the minister and says Ngāpuhi should make their own calls.

The country's largest iwi took to the polls in December to vote on the Governments Evolved Mandate Settlement for the iwi. 73 Ngāpuhi hapū voted against engaging in direct negotiations, with 31 supporting the notion.

"If Hone Harawira can provide a solution to end the grievances in the hapū, there's nothing wrong with that" adds Jones.