Weekend road toll claims nine lives

By Tepara Koti
Image / File

The call for more responsibility on roads across Aotearoa comes as the weekend road toll ends with nine people dead.

Police have confirmed these fatal road incidents occurred between Friday and the early hours of Monday morning.

This weekend’s road toll stands at 292, up 41 compared to the same time last year.  At least 10 others have been injured or seriously injured.

The fatalities over the weekend have left families devastated up and down the country says Assistant Commissioner Road Policing, Sandra Venables.

“Every death is reported as a number, but each number has a face, a name and a family.  They leave behind loved ones whose lives have been changed forever.”

She says, “Those that have been seriously injured can face months if not years of rehabilitation and treatment.  We cannot continue to tolerate the loss."

While exact causes of the weekend's crashes are not available at the moment, Police say speed, fatigue, losing control and crossing the centre-line were all factors.

"Human beings are fallible, and crashes will occur.  However, the incidence of injury or deaths can be reduced when we accept, comply with, and share the responsibility for using our roads safely," says Venables.

Another long weekend nears for the country, Police are urging drivers to take responsibility for their behaviour on the road.

“Every time you get behind the wheel you hold your life and the lives of your passengers and your fellow road users in your hands.  Please take this responsibility seriously – wear your seat belt, make sure your passengers are wearing seatbelts, watch your speed and drive to the conditions.”

Everybody needs to focus on getting to their destination and home again safely.”