Whangarei parkour enthusiasts hopeful for park funding

By Lynette Amoroa

Whangarei parkour enthusiasts may have a devoted playground of their own by next year.

The Whangarei District Council is seeking funding next financial year to build the new park for the internationally growing sport.

A group of local free runners called Team 72 are excited that their extreme sport has been included in the Whangarei District Council's development plans.

Parkour is sport with no rules.  Urban landscapes are their playground, but now they may have a dedicated place of their own.

Whangarei District Council is seeking funding to build the Parkour-friendly facility on Pohe Island. Parkour enthusiasts from Team 72 enjoy using city landscapes but they now look forward to the possibility of new architecture.

Parkour originated in France, but for Team 72, it was a childhood pastime.

It's hoped the new park will provide new exciting paths for the youth of Whangarei.