Woman from viral bath salts video back on drugs - says father

A woman in a drug-fuelled state who appeared in a disturbing video has returned to drugs a day after she was put on a waiting list for rehabilitation, says her concerned father.

Hemi Grover was with his daughter on Tuesday when she met with a rehab facility in Auckland. But he says she “was stoned” when he visited the 22-year-old woman yesterday at a family home.

“It’s addiction. It’s the nature of the beast. There’s nothing I can do as a father,” he told Māori Television.

Mr Grover  visited the rehab centre with his daughter a week after a viral video was posted online of her and a male companion behaving in a zomblie like state after taking synthetic drugs.

He says he’s frustrated because his daughter needed professional help immediately but was put on a three month long waiting list.

“She was making a positive move by visiting the rehab centre, but now I feel helpless.  We want her off drugs but she’s a human and she’s allowed to come and go as she likes. We can’t lock her up.”

Mr Grover is calling for more facilities to cater to addicts who are reaching out for help.

“It’s a problem, especially with the young ones. I want to see drugs wiped out.”

Māori Television contacted Tuakeu Hewett-Grover, the man who posted the 98-second film of his sister because he was sick of seeing what drugs was doing to her.

He did not want to comment on the latest news. But he previously told Māori Television that he had no regrets posting the footage.

"I don't want drugs to be part of her life ever. I want that to stop,” he said.