Zero Carbon Bill submissions exceed 13,000

By Talisa Kupenga

The submission round for the Zero Carbon Bill has ended with more than 13,000 submissions received.

Climate Change Minister James Shaw says Māoridom has raised many key points and concerns.

The Climate Change Minister says many verbal submissions were made by Māori.

"Māori are very interested in ensuring that there is an ambitious plan for climate change because Māori interests are so affected by climate change."

Key concerns include food and water security as well as the potential impact on businesses.

Shaw says it's "kind of a concern...wanting a plan for knowing how it is going to affect the Māori economy, particularly the land-based industries obviously, because iwi are so heavily invested in that."

As well as the issue of rising sea levels and waterways and the impact of natural disasters.

"Of course a lot of marae were situated very close to the sea in order to access the sea and fishing and so on.  Now that the sea levels are rising that's leading to increased flood events, erosion, and damage to buildings and property and of course that trend is only set to continue."

The next opportunity for public input is expected to be later this year once the bill is introduced to parliament.